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Technology Users Blog (TUG) is an open forum for zone agency representatives to get together and openly discuss technology issues concerning the zone.

This venue is also used by Heartland as an opportunity to update the central zone regarding advance technology, software, RMS, MDCs and training opportunities.

Inform CAD and Mobile Upgrade to 5.8.8

We are on schedule for our Inform CAD and Mobile VisiNet upgrades. The date is April 4th 2018, beginning at 0530 hours. The version we'll be upgrading to is 5.8.8 on our CAD and the same version on Mobile units.

This upgrade will impact CAD functionality with and field units. The Mobile units will be downloading the new version of the Mobile maps immediately after the servers have come back online. Be prepared for a map facelift, change in features and map itself on Inform Mobile.

Downloads may take up to an hour during this time, but there will be functionality for the most part in Mobile. At some point the mobile will force to update and that will reload the new version of mobile maps. Thank you Chief Chasin for coming up with a fantastic idea to compose a quick how to reference video for the new Mobile layout. This is the link New Runtime 100 Mobile to the video. It is highly recommended that all users view the brief video so you are ready when the new version comes online.

** If there are any problems connecting, upgrading or other issues, please contact Henry at Heartland Communications.

Henry Kozik: 619-441-1639